Antibodies Tested for Tissue-based CyCIF (Full table, May 2018, Lin, et al. eLife 2018)

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This work is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) License

Antibodies have been tested for a mimum level of perfomance as descrbed in footnotes below; this should not be assumed to suggest “validation” of the antibody

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Antibody Name Target Protein Performance Vendor Catalog no. Clone Fluorophore Research Resource Identifier FILTER SET Note Link
Bax-488 Bax *** BioLegend 633603 2D2 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_2562171 488/FITC link
CD11b-488 CD11b *** Abcam AB204271 EPR1344 Alexa Fluor 488 488/FITC link
CD4-488 CD4 *** R&D Systems FAB8165G Polyclonal Alexa Fluor 488 488/FITC link
CD8a-488 CD8 *** eBioscience 53-0008-80 AMC908 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_2574412 488/FITC link
cJUN-488 cJUN *** Abcam AB193780 E254 Alexa Fluor 488 488/FITC link
CK18-488 Cytokeratin 18 *** eBioscience 53-9815-80 LDK18 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_2574480 488/FITC link
CK8-FITC Cytokeratin 8 *** eBioscience 11-9938-80 LP3K FITC AB_10548518 488/FITC link
CycD1-488 CycD1 *** Abcam AB190194 EPR2241 Alexa Fluor 488 488/FITC link
Ecad-488 E-Cadherin *** CST 3199 24E10 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_10691457 488/FITC link
EGFR-488 EGFR *** CST 5616 D38B1 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_10691853 488/FITC link
EpCAM-488 EpCAM *** CST 5198 VU1D9 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_10692105 488/FITC link
HES1-488 HES1 *** Abcam AB196328 EPR4226 Alexa Fluor 488 488/FITC link
Ki67-488 Ki67 *** CST 11882 D3B5 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_2687824 488/FITC link
LaminA/C-488 Lamin A/C *** CST 8617 4C11 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_10997529 488/FITC link
LaminB1-488 Lamin B1 *** Abcam AB194106 EPR8985(B) Alexa Fluor 488 488/FITC link
mCD3E-FITC ms_CD3E *** BioLegend 100306 145-2C11 FITC AB_312671 488/FITC link
mCD4-488 ms_CD4 *** BioLegend 100532 RM4-5 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_493373 488/FITC link
MET-488 c-MET *** CST 8494 D1C2 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_10999405 488/FITC link
mF4/80-488 ms_F4/80 *** BioLegend 123120 BM8 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_893479 488/FITC link
MITF-488 MITF *** Abcam AB201675 D5 Alexa Fluor 488 488/FITC link
Ncad-488 N-Cadherin *** BioLegend 350809 8C11 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_11218797 488/FITC link
p53-488 p53 *** CST 5429 7F5 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_10695458 488/FITC link
PCNA-488 PCNA *** CST 8580 PC10 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_11178664 488/FITC link
PD1-488 PD1 *** CST 15131 D3W4U Alexa Fluor 488 488/FITC Discontinued link
PDI-488 PDI *** CST 5051 C81H6 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_10950503 488/FITC link
pERK-488 pERK(T202/Y204) *** CST 4344 D13.14.4E Alexa Fluor 488 AB_10695876 488/FITC Discontinued link
pNDG1-488 pNDG1(T346) *** CST 6992 D98G11 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_10827648 488/FITC link
POL2A-488 POL2A *** Novus Biologicals NB200-598AF488 4H8 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_2167465 488/FITC link
pS6(S240/244)-488 pS6(240/244) *** CST 5018 D68F8 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_10695861 488/FITC link
S100a-488 S100alpha *** Abcam AB207367 EPR5251 Alexa Fluor 488 488/FITC link
SQSTM1-488 SQSTM1/p62 *** CST 8833 D1D9E3 Alexa Fluor 488 488/FITC Discontinued link
STAT3-488 STAT3 *** CST 14047 B3Z2G Alexa Fluor 488 488/FITC link
Survivin-488 Survivin *** CST 2810 71G4B7 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_10691462 488/FITC link
Catenin-488 β-Catenin *** CST 2849 L54E2 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_10693296 488/FITC link
Actin-555 Actin *** CST 8046 13E5 Alexa Fluor 555 AB_11179208 555/Cy3 link
CD11c-570 CD11c *** eBioscience 41-9761-80 118/A5 eFluor 570 AB_2573632 555/Cy3 link
CD3D-555 CD3D *** Abcam AB208514 EP4426 Alexa Fluor 555 555/Cy3 link
CD4-570 CD4 *** eBioscience 41-2444-80 N1UG0 eFluor 570 AB_2573601 555/Cy3 link
CD45-PE CD45 *** R&D Systems FAB1430P-100 2D1 PE AB_2237898 555/Cy3 link
CK7-555 Cytokeratin 7 *** Abcam AB209601 EPR17078 Alexa Fluor 555 555/Cy3 link
cMYC-555 cMYC *** Abcam AB201780 Y69 Alexa Fluor 555 555/Cy3 link
E2F1-555 E2F1 *** Abcam AB208078 EPR3818(3) Alexa Fluor 555 555/Cy3 link
Ecad-555 E-Cadherin *** CST 4295 24E10 Alexa Fluor 555 555/Cy3 Discontinued link
EpCAM-PE EpCAM *** BioLegend 324205 9C4 PE AB_756079 555/Cy3 link
FOXO1a-555 FOXO1a *** Abcam AB207244 EP927Y Alexa Fluor 555 555/Cy3 link
FOXP3-570 FOXP3 *** eBioscience 41-4777-80 236A/E7 eFluor 570 AB_2573608 555/Cy3 link
GFAP-570 GFAP *** eBioscience 41-9892-80 GA5 eFluor 570 AB_2573655 555/Cy3 link
HSP90-PE HSP90b *** Abcam AB115641 Polyclonal PE AB_10936222 555/Cy3 link
KAP1-594 KAP1 *** BioLegend 619304 20A1 Alexa Fluor 594 AB_2563298 555/Cy3 Hard to inactivate link
Keratin-555 pan-Keratin *** CST 3478 C11 Alexa Fluor 555 AB_10829040 555/Cy3 link
Keratin-570 pan-Keratin *** eBioscience 41-9003-80 AE1/AE3 eFluor 570 AB_11217482 555/Cy3 link
Ki67-570 Ki67 *** eBioscience 41-5699-80 20Raj1 eFluor 570 AB_11220088 555/Cy3 link
LC3-555 LC3 *** CST 13173 D3U4C Alexa Fluor 555 555/Cy3 link
MAP2-570 MAP2 *** eBioscience 41-9763-80 AP20 eFluor 570 AB_2573634 555/Cy3 link
pAUR-555 pAUR1/2/3(T288/T232/T198) *** CST 13464 D13A11 Alexa Fluor 555 555/Cy3 link
pCHK2-PE pChk2(T68) *** CST 12812 C13C1 PE 555/Cy3 link
PDL1-555 PD-L1/CD274 *** Abcam AB213358 28-8 Alexa Fluor 555 555/Cy3 link
pH3-555 pH3(S10) *** CST 3475 D2C8 Alexa Fluor 555 AB_10694639 555/Cy3 link
pRB-555 pRB(S807/811) *** CST 8957 D20B12 Alexa Fluor 555 555/Cy3 link
pS6(235/236)-555 pS6(235/236) *** CST 3985 D57.2.2E Alexa Fluor 555 AB_10693792 555/Cy3 Discontinued link
pSRC-PE pSRC(Y418) *** eBioscience 12-9034-41 SC1T2M3 PE AB_2572680 555/Cy3 link
S6-555 S6 *** CST 6989 54D2 Alexa Fluor 555 AB_10828226 555/Cy3 link
SQSTM1-555 SQSTM1/p62 *** Abcam AB203430 EPR4844 Alexa Fluor 555 555/Cy3 link
VEGFR2-555 VEGFR2 *** CST 12872 D5B1 Alexa Fluor 555 555/Cy3 Discontinued link
VEGFR2-PE VEGFR2 *** CST 12634 D5B1 PE 555/Cy3 link
Vimentin-555 Vimentin *** CST 9855 D21H3 Alexa Fluor 555 AB_10859896 555/Cy3 link
Vinculin-570 Vinculin *** eBioscience 41-9777-80 7F9 eFluor 570 AB_2573646 555/Cy3 link
gH2ax-PE gH2ax *** BioLegend 613412 2F3 PE AB_2616871 555/Cy5 link
AKT-647 AKT *** CST 5186 C67E7 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10695877 647/Cy5 link
aSMA-660 aSMA *** eBioscience 50-9760-80 1A4 eFluor 660 AB_2574361 647/Cy5 link
B220-647 CD45R/B220 *** BioLegend 103226 RA3-6B2 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_389330 647/Cy5 link
Bcl2-647 Bcl2 *** BioLegend 658705 100 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_2563279 647/Cy5 link
Catenin-647 Beta-Catenin *** CST 4627 L54E2 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10691326 647/Cy5 link
CD20-660 CD20 *** eBioscience 50-0202-80 L26 eFluor 660 AB_11151691 647/Cy5 link
CD45-647 CD45 *** BioLegend 304020 HI30 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_493034 647/Cy5 link
CD8a-660 CD8 *** eBioscience 50-0008-80 AMC908 eFluor 660 AB_2574148 647/Cy5 link
CK5-647 Cytokeratin 5 *** Abcam AB193895 EP1601Y Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
CoIIV-647 Collagen IV *** eBioscience 51-9871-80 1042 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10854267 647/Cy5 link
COXIV-647 COXIV *** CST 7561 3E11 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10994876 647/Cy5 link
cPARP-647 cPARP *** CST 6987 D64E10 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10858215 647/Cy5 link
FOXA2-660 FOXA2 *** eBioscience 50-4778-82 3C10 eFluor 660 AB_2574221 647/Cy5 link
FOXP3-647 FOXP3 *** BioLegend 320113 206D Alexa Fluor 647 AB_439753 647/Cy5 link
gH2ax-647 H2ax(S139) *** CST 9720 20E3 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10692910 647/Cy5 link
gH2ax-647 H2ax(S139) *** BioLegend 613407 2F3 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_2114994 647/Cy5 link
HES1-647 HES1 *** Abcam AB196577 EPR4226 Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
Ki67-647 Ki67 *** CST 12075 D3B5 Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
Ki67-647 Ki67 *** BioLegend 350509 Ki-67 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10900810 647/Cy5 link
mCD45-647 ms_CD45 *** BioLegend 103124 30-F11 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_493533 647/Cy5 link
mCD4-647 ms_CD4 *** BioLegend 100426 GK1.5 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_493519 647/Cy5 link
mEPCAM-647 ms_EPCAM *** BioLegend 118211 G8.8 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_1134104 647/Cy5 link
MHCI-647 MHCI/HLAA *** Abcam AB199837 EP1395Y Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
MHCII-647 MHCII *** Abcam AB201347 EPR11226 Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
mLy6C-647 ms_Ly6C *** BioLegend 128009 HK1.4 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_1236551 647/Cy5 link
mTOR-647 mTOR *** CST 5048 7C10 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10828101 647/Cy5 link
NFkB-647 NFkB (p65) *** Abcam AB190589 E379 Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
NGFR-647 NGFR/CD271 *** Abcam AB195180 EP1039Y Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
NUP98-647 NUP98 *** CST 13393 C39A3 Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
p21-647 p21 *** CST 8587 12D1 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10892861 647/Cy5 link
p27-647 p27 *** Abcam AB194234 Y236 Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
pATM-660 pATM(S1981) *** eBioscience 50-9046-41 10H11.E12 eFluor 660 AB_2574312 647/Cy5 link
PAX8-647 PAX8 *** Abcam AB215953 EPR18715 Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
PDL1-647 PD-L1/CD274 *** CST 15005 E1L3N Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
pMK2-647 pMK2(T334) *** CST 4320 27B7 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10695401 647/Cy5 Discontinued link
pmTOR-660 pmTOR(S2448) *** eBioscience 50-9718-41 MRRBY eFluor 660 AB_2574351 647/Cy5 link
pS6_235-647 pS6(S235/S236) *** CST 4851 D57.2.2E Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10695457 647/Cy5 link
pSTAT3-647 pSTAT3(Y705) *** CST 4324 D3A7 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10694637 647/Cy5 link
pTyr-647 p-Tyrosine *** CST 9415 p-Tyr-100 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10693160 647/Cy5 link
S100A4-647 S100A4 *** Abcam AB196168 EPR2761(2) Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
Survivin-647 Survivin *** CST 2866 71G4B7 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10698609 647/Cy5 link
TUBB3-647 TUBB3 *** BioLegend 657405 AA10 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_2563609 647/Cy5 link
Tubulin-647 beta-Tubulin *** CST 3624 9F3 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10694204 647/Cy5 link
Vimentin-647 Vimentin *** BioLegend 677807 O91D3 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_2616801 647/Cy5 link
anti-14-3-3 14-3-3 *** Santa Cruz SC-629-G Polyclonal N/D AB_630820 N/D link
anti-53BP1 53BP1 *** Bethyl A303-906A Polyclonal N/D AB_2620256 N/D link
anti-5HMC 5HMC *** Active Motif 39769 Polyclonal N/D AB_10013602 N/D link
anti-CD11b CD11b *** Abcam AB133357 EPR1344 N/D AB_2650514 N/D link
anti-CD2 CD2 *** Abcam AB37212 Polyclonal N/D AB_726228 N/D link
anti-CD20 CD20 *** Dako M0755 L26 N/D AB_2282030 N/D link
anti-CD3 CD3 *** Dako A0452 Polyclonal N/D AB_2335677 N/D link
anti-CD4 CD4 *** Dako M7310 4B12 N/D N/D link
anti-CD45RO CD45RO *** Dako M0742 UCHL1 N/D AB_2237910 N/D link
anti-CD8 CD8 *** Dako M7103 C8/144B N/D AB_2075537 N/D link
anti-CycA2 CycA2 *** Abcam AB38 E23.1 N/D AB_304084 N/D link
anti-ET1 ET-1 *** Abcam AB2786 TR.ET.48.5 N/D AB_303299 N/D link
anti-FAP FAP *** eBioscience BMS168 F11-24 N/D AB_10597443 N/D link
anti-FOXP3 FOXP3 *** BioLegend 320102 206D N/D AB_430881 N/D link
anti-LAMP2 LAMP2 *** Abcam AB25631 H4B4 N/D AB_470709 N/D link
anti-MCM6 MCM6 *** Santa Cruz SC-9843 Polyclonal N/D AB_2142543 N/D link
anti-PAX8 PAX8 *** Abcam AB191870 EPR18715 N/D N/D link
anti-PD1 PD1 *** CST 86163 D4W2J N/D N/D link
anti-pEGFR pEGFR(Y1068) *** CST 3777 D7A5 N/D AB_2096270 N/D link
anti-pERK pERK(T202/Y204) *** CST 4370 D13.14.4E N/D AB_2315112 N/D link
anti-pRB pRB(S807/811) *** Santa Cruz SC-16670 Polyclonal N/D AB_655250 N/D Discontinued link
anti-pRPA32 pRPA32 (S4/S8) *** Bethyl IHC-00422 Polyclonal N/D AB_1659840 N/D link
anti-pSTAT3 pSTAT3 *** CST 9145 D3A7 N/D AB_2491009 N/D link
anti-pTyr pTyr *** CST 9411 p-Tyr-100 N/D AB_331228 N/D link
anti-RPA32 RPA32 *** Bethyl IHC-00417 Polyclonal N/D AB_1659838 N/D link
anti-TPCN2 TPCN2 *** NOVUSBIO NBP1-86923 Polyclonal N/D AB_11021735 N/D link
anti-VEGFR1 VEGFR1/FLT1 *** Santa Cruz SC-31173 Polyclonal N/D AB_2106885 N/D link
Abeta-488 Beta-Amyloid (1-16) ** BioLegend 803013 6E10 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_2564765 488/FITC link
BRAF-FITC B-RAF ** Abcam ab175637 K21-F FITC 488/FITC link
BrdU-488 BrdU ** BioLegend 364105 3D4 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_2564499 488/FITC link
cCasp3-488 cCasp3 ** R&D Systems IC835G-025 269518 Alexa Fluor 488 488/FITC link
CD11b-488 CD11b ** BioLegend 101219 M1/70 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_493545 488/FITC link
CD123-488 CD123 ** BioLegend 306035 6H6 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_2629569 488/FITC link
CD49b-FITC CD49b ** BioLegend 359305 P1E6-C5 FITC AB_2562530 488/FITC link
CD69-FITC CD69 ** BioLegend 310904 FN50 FITC AB_314839 488/FITC link
CD71-FITC CD71 ** BioLegend 334103 CY1G4 FITC AB_1236432 488/FITC link
CD80-FITC CD80 ** R&D Systems FAB140F 37711 FITC AB_357027 488/FITC link
CD8a-488 CD8a ** eBioscience 53-0086-41 OKT8 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_10547060 488/FITC link
CDC2-FITC CDC2/p34 ** Santa Cruz SC-54 FITC 17 FITC AB_627224 488/FITC link
CycB1-FITC CycB1 ** Santa Cruz SC-752 FITC Polyclonal FITC AB_2072134 488/FITC link
FN-488 Fibronection ** Abcam AB198933 F1 Alexa Fluor 488 488/FITC link
IFNG-488 Interferron-Gamma ** BioLegend 502517 4S.B3 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_493030 488/FITC link
IL1-FITC IL1 ** BioLegend 511705 H1b-98 FITC AB_1236434 488/FITC link
IL6-FITC IL6 ** BioLegend 501103 MQ2-13A5 FITC AB_315151 488/FITC link
mCD31-FITC ms_CD31 ** eBioscience 11-0311-82 390 FITC AB_465012 488/FITC link
mCD8a-488 ms_CD8a ** BioLegend 100726 53-6.7 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_493423 488/FITC link
Nestin-488 Nestin ** eBioscience 53-9843-80 10C2 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_1834347 488/FITC link
NeuN-488 NeuN ** Millipore MAB377X A60 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_2149209 488/FITC link
PR-488 PR/PGR ** Abcam AB199224 YR85 Alexa Fluor 488 488/FITC link
Snail1-488 Snail1 ** eBioscience 53-9859-80 20C8 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_2574482 488/FITC link
TGFB-FITC TGFB1 ** BioLegend 349605 TW4-2F8 FITC AB_10679043 488/FITC link
TNFa-488 TNFa ** BioLegend 502917 MAb11 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_493122 488/FITC link
AR-555 AR ** CST 8956 D6F11 Alexa Fluor 555 AB_11129223 555/Cy3 link
CD11a-PE CD11a ** BioLegend 301207 HI111 PE AB_314145 555/Cy3 link
CD11b-555 CD11b ** Abcam AB206616 EPR1344 Alexa Fluor 555 555/Cy3 link
CD131-PE CD131 ** BD 559920 JORO50 PE AB_397374 555/Cy3 link
CD14-PE CD14 ** eBioscience 12-0149 61D3 PE AB_10597598 555/Cy3 link
CD1a-PE CD1a ** BioLegend 300105 HI149 PE AB_314019 555/Cy3 link
CD1c-PE CD1c ** BioLegend 331505 L161 PE AB_1089000 555/Cy3 link
CD20-PE CD20 ** BioLegend 302305 2H7 PE AB_314253 555/Cy3 link
CD23-PE CD23 ** eBioscience 12-0232-81 B3B4 PE AB_465592 555/Cy3 link
CD31-PE CD31 ** eBioscience 12-0319-41 WM-59 PE AB_10670623 555/Cy3 link
CD31-PE CD31 ** R&D Systems FAB3567P-025 9G11 PE AB_2279388 555/Cy3 link
CD34-PE CD34 ** Abcam AB30377 QBEND/10 PE AB_726407 555/Cy3 link
CD45R-e570 CD45R/B220 ** eBioscience 41-0452-80 RA3-6B2 eFluor 570 AB_2573598 555/Cy3 link
CD71-PE CD71 ** eBioscience 12-0711-81 R17217 PE AB_465739 555/Cy3 link
CD86-PE CD86 ** BioLegend 305405 IT2.2 PE AB_314525 555/Cy3 link
CK19-570 Cytokeratin 19 ** eBioscience 41-9898-80 BA17 eFluor 570 AB_11218678 555/Cy3 link
HER2-570 HER2 ** eBioscience 41-9757-80 MJD2 eFluor 570 AB_2573628 555/Cy3 link
IL3-PE IL3 ** BD 554383 MP2-8F8 PE AB_395358 555/Cy3 link
NFATc1-PE NFATc1 ** BioLegend 649605 7A6 PE AB_2562546 555/Cy3 link
PDL1-PE PD-L1/CD274 ** BioLegend 329705 29E.2A3 PE AB_940366 555/Cy3 link
pMAPK (T202/Y204) pERK1/2(T202/Y204) ** CST 14095 197G2 PE 555/Cy3 link
pMAPK (Y204/Y187) pERK1/2(Y204/Y187) ** CST 75165 D1H6G PE 555/Cy3 link
pSTAT1-PE pSTAT1(Y705) ** BioLegend 686403 A15158B PE AB_2616938 555/Cy3 link
ABCC1-647 ABCC1 ** BioLegend 370203 QCRL-2 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_2566664 647/Cy5 link
AnnexinV-674 N/D ** BioLegend 640911 NA Alexa Fluor 647 AB_2561293 647/Cy5 link
CD103-647 CD103 ** BioLegend 350209 Ber-ACT8 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10640870 647/Cy5 link
CD25-647 CD25 ** BioLegend 302617 BC96 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_493046 647/Cy5 link
CD31-APC CD31 ** eBioscience 17-0319-41 WM-59 APC AB_10853188 647/Cy5 link
CD68-APC CD68 ** BioLegend 333809 Y1/82A APC AB_10567107 647/Cy5 link
CD8a-647 CD8a ** BioLegend 344725 SK1 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_2563451 647/Cy5 link
CD8a-647 CD8a ** R&D Systems FAB1509R-025 37006 Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
CycE-660 CycE ** eBioscience 50-9714-80 HE12 eFluor 660 AB_2574350 647/Cy5 link
HIF1-647 HIF1 ** BioLegend 359705 546-16 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_2563331 647/Cy5 link
HP1-647 HP1 ** Abcam AB198391 EPR5777 Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
mCD123-APC ms_CD123 ** eBioscience 17-1231-81 5B11 APC AB_891363 647/Cy5 link
NGFR-647 NGFR/CD271 ** BD 560326 C40-1457 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_1645403 647/Cy5 link
pBTK-660 pBTK(Y551/Y511) ** eBioscience 50-9015-80 M4G3LN eFluor 660 AB_2574306 647/Cy5 link
PD1-647 PD1 ** Abcam AB201825 EPR4877 (2) Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
PR-660 PR/PGR ** eBioscience 50-9764-80 KMC912 eFluor 660 AB_2574363 647/Cy5 link
RUNX3-660 RUNX3 ** eBioscience 50-9817-80 R3-5G4 eFluor 660 AB_2574383 647/Cy5 link
SOX2-647 SOX2 ** Abcam AB192075 Polyclonal Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
anti-53BP1 53BP1 ** Millipore MAB3802  BP13 N/D AB_2206767 N/D link
anti-Axl Axl ** R&D AF154 Polyclonal N/D AB_354852 N/D link
anti-CD11b CD11b ** Abcam AB52478 EP1345Y N/D AB_868788 N/D link
anti-CD8a CD8 ** eBioscience 14-0085-80 C8/144B N/D AB_11151339 N/D link
anti-CEP170 CEP170 ** Abcam AB72505 Polyclonal N/D AB_1268101 N/D link
anti-cMYC cMYC ** BioLegend 626801 9E10 N/D AB_2235686 N/D link
anti-CPS1 CPS1 ** Abcam AB129076 EPR7493-3 N/D AB_11156290 N/D link
anti-E2F1 E2F1 ** ThermoFisher MS-879-P1 KH95 N/D AB_143934 N/D link
anti-eEF2K eEF2K ** Santa Cruz SC-21642 K-19 N/D AB_640043 N/D link
anti-Emil1 Emil1 ** Abcam AB212397 EMIL/1176 N/D N/D link
anti-FKHRL1 FKHRL1 ** Santa Cruz SC-9812 Polyclonal N/D AB_640608 N/D Discontinued link
anti-FLAG FLAG ** Sigma F1804 M2 N/D AB_262044 N/D link
anti-GranB Granzyme_B ** Dako M7235 M7235 N/D AB_2114697 N/D link
anti-HMB45 HMB45 ** Abcam AB732 HMB45+M2-7C10+M2-9E3 N/D AB_305844 N/D link
anti-HSP90b HSP90b ** Santa Cruz SC-1057 D-19 N/D AB_2121392 N/D link
anti-IL2Ra IL2Ra ** Abcam AB128955 EPR6452 N/D AB_11141054 N/D link
anti-LAMP2 LAMP2 ** R&D AF6228 Polyclonal N/D AB_10971818 N/D link
anti-MITF MITF ** Abcam AB12039 C5 N/D AB_298801 N/D link
anti-Ncad N-Cadherin ** Abcam AB18203 Polyclonal N/D AB_444317 N/D link
anti-NCAM NCAM ** Abcam AB6123 ERIC-1 N/D AB_2149537 N/D link
anti-NF1 NF1 ** Abcam AB178323 McNFn27b N/D N/D link
anti-pCTD Pol II CTD(S2) ** Active Motif 61083 3E10 N/D AB_2687450 N/D link
anti-PD1 PD1 ** CST 43248 EH33 N/D N/D link
anti-pTuberin pTuberin(S664) ** Abcam AB133465 EPR8202 N/D AB_11157389 N/D link
anti-S100 S100 ** Dako Z0311 Polyclonal N/D AB_10013383 N/D link
anti-SIRT3 SIRT3 ** CST 2627 C73E3 N/D AB_2188622 N/D link
anti-TIA1 TIA1 ** Santa Cruz SC-1751 Polyclonal N/D AB_2201433 N/D link
anti-TLR3 TLR3 ** Santa Cruz SC-8691 Polyclonal N/D AB_2240700 N/D link
anti-TNFa TNFa ** Abcam AB11564 MP6-XT3 N/D AB_298170 N/D link
anti-TPCN2 TPCN2 ** Abcam AB119915 Polyclonal N/D AB_10903692 N/D link
CD11a-FITC CD11a * eBioscience 11-0119-41 HI111 FITC AB_10597888 488/FITC link
CD20-FITC CD20 * BioLegend 302303 2H7 FITC AB_314251 488/FITC link
CD2-FITC CD2 * BioLegend 300206 RPA-2.10 FITC AB_314030 488/FITC link
CD45RO-488 CD45RO * BioLegend 304212 UCHL1 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_528823 488/FITC link
CD8a-488 CD8 * BioLegend 301024 RPA-T8 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_2561282 488/FITC link
cJUN-FITC cJUN * Santa Cruz SC-1694 FITC Polyclonal FITC AB_631263 488/FITC Discontinued link
CXCR5-FITC CXCR5 * BioLegend 356913 J252D4 FITC AB_2561895 488/FITC link
Ecad-FITC Ecad * BioLegend 324103 67A4 FITC AB_756065 488/FITC link
FOXP3-488 FOXP3 * BioLegend 320011 150D Alexa Fluor 488 AB_439747 488/FITC link
MITF-488 MITF * Novus Biologicals NB100-56561AF488 21D1418 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_838580 488/FITC link
NCAM-488 NCAM/CD56 * Abcam AB200333 EPR2566 Alexa Fluor 488 488/FITC link
NCAM-FITC NCAM/CD56 * ThermoFisher 11-0566-41 TULY56 FITC AB_2572458 488/FITC link
NGFR-FITC NGFR/CD271 * BioLegend 345103 ME20.4 FITC AB_1937226 488/FITC link
PD1-488 PD-1 * BioLegend 367407 NAT105 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_2566677 488/FITC link
PD1-488 PD-1 * BioLegend 329935 EH12.2H7 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_2563593 488/FITC link
pERK-488 pERK(T202/Y204) * CST 4374 E10 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_10705598 488/FITC link
pERK-488 pERK(T202/Y204) * CST 4780 137F5 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_10705598 488/FITC link
S100A4-FITC S100A4 * BioLegend 370007 NJ-4F3-D1 FITC AB_2572073 488/FITC link
SOX2-488 SOX2 * BioLegend 656109 14A6A34 Alexa Fluor 488 AB_2563956 488/FITC link
CD133-PE CD133 * eBioscience 12-1338-41 TMP4 PE AB_1582258 555/Cy3 link
cMyc-TRITC cMYC * Santa Cruz SC-40 TRITC 9E10 TRITC AB_627268 555/Cy3 link
cPARP-555 cPARP * CST 6894 D64E10 Alexa Fluor 555 AB_10830735 555/Cy3 link
CTLA4-PE CTLA4 * BioLegend 369603 BNI3 PE AB_2566796 555/Cy3 link
GATA3-594 GATA3 * BioLegend 653816 16E10A23 Alexa Fluor 594 AB_2563353 555/Cy3 link
GFAP-Cy3 GFAP * Millipore MAB3402C3 NA Cy3 AB_11213580 555/Cy3 link
Oct4-555 OCT_4 * CST 4439 C30A3 Alexa Fluor 555 AB_10922586 555/Cy3 link
p21-555 p21 * CST 8493 12D1 Alexa Fluor 555 AB_10860074 555/Cy3 link
PD1-PE PD1 * BioLegend 329905 EH12.2H7 PE AB_940481 555/Cy3 link
PDGFRb-555 PDGFRb * Abcam AB206874 Y92 Alexa Fluor 555 555/Cy3 link
pSTAT1-555 pSTAT1 * CST 8183 58D6 Alexa Fluor 555 AB_10860600 555/Cy3 link
TIM1-PE TIM1 * BioLegend 353903 1D12 PE AB_11125165 555/Cy3 link
cCasp3-647 cCasp3 * CST 9602 D3E9 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_2687881 647/Cy5 link
CD103-APC CD103 * eBioscience 17-1038-41 B-Ly7 APC AB_10669816 647/Cy5 link
CD3-647 CD3 * BioLegend 300422 UCHT1 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_493092 647/Cy5 link
CD3-660 CD3 * eBioscience 50-0037-41 OKT3 eFluor 660 AB_2574150 647/Cy5 link
CD3-APC CD3 * eBioscience 17-0038-41 UCHT1 APC AB_10804761 647/Cy5 link
CD45RO-APC CD45RO * BioLegend 304210 UCHL1 APC AB_314426 647/Cy5 link
ER-647 ER * Abcam AB205851 EPR4097 Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
FOXO3a-647 FOXO3a * Abcam AB196539 EP1949Y Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
GZMA-e660 granzyme A * ThermoFisher 50-9177-41 CB9 eFluor 660 AB_2574330 647/Cy5 link
GZMB-647 Granzyme_B * BioLegend 515405 GB11 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_2294995 647/Cy5 link
GZMB-APC Granzyme_B * R&D Systems IC29051A 356412 APC AB_894691 647/Cy5 Discontinued link
HER2-647 HER2 * BioLegend 324412 24D2 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_2262300 647/Cy5 link
mCD49b-647 ms_CD49b * BioLegend 103511 HMα2 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_528830 647/Cy5 link
NCAM-647 NCAM/CD56 * BioLegend 362513 5.1H11 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_2564086 647/Cy5 link
NCAM-e660 NCAM/CD56 * ThermoFisher 50-0565-80 5tukon56 eFluor 660 AB_2574160 647/Cy5 link
pAKT-647 pAKT * CST 4075 D9E Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10691856 647/Cy5 link
pERK-647 pERK (T202/Y204) * CST 4375 E10 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_10706777 647/Cy5 link
pERK-647 pERK (T202/Y204) * BioLegend 369503 6B8B69 Alexa Fluor 647 AB_2571895 647/Cy5 link
pIKBa-660 pIKBa * eBioscience 50-9035-41 RILYB3R eFluor 660 AB_2574310 647/Cy5 link
YAP-647 YAP * CST 38707S D8H1X Alexa Fluor 647 647/Cy5 link
anit-FANCD2 FANCD2 * Bethyl IHC-00624 Polyclonal N/D AB_10752755 N/D link
anit-pcJUN p-cJUN * Santa Cruz SC-822 KM-1 N/D AB_627262 N/D link
anti-AXL AXL * CST 8661 C89E7 N/D AB_11217435 N/D link
anti-CXCR5 CXCR5 * GeneTex GTX100351 Polyclonal N/D AB_1240668 N/D link
anti-CXCR5 CXCR5 * R&D MAB-190-SP 51505 N/D AB_2292654 N/D link
anti-FOXO3a FOXO3a * CST 2497 75D8 N/D AB_836876 N/D link
anti-GZMB Granzyme B * Abcam AB4059 Polyclonal N/D AB_304251 N/D link
anti-PD1 PD-1 * Abcam AB63477 Polyclonal N/D AB_2159165 N/D link
anti-PD1 PD-1 * ThermoFisher 14-9985-81 J43 N/D AB_468663 N/D link
anti-PD1 PD-1 * R&D AF1021 Polyclonal N/D AB_354541 N/D link
anti-RFP RFP * ThermoFisher R10367 Polyclonal N/D AB_2315269 N/D link
CD11C-BV570 CD11C * BioLegend 117331 N418 BV570 AB_10900261 N/D link
CD45-BV785 CD45 * BioLegend 304047 HI30 BV785 AB_2563128 N/D link
LY6G-BV570 LY6G * BioLegend 127629 1A8 BV570 AB_10899738 N/D link

*** Show positive/correct signals in mutliple samples/tissues as judged by eye

** Show positive/correct signals in some but not all samples tested as judged by eye

* show no signal or obviously incorrect signals in all samples tested

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